This Division is the dogfighting Division that holds all of the fighters, and non-capital bombers, EMP, and tactical ships.

The main roles of this Division are:

  1. Providing security to battle-groups (Under Wing Commander or highest ranking officer), cargo convoys, bases, outposts, etc.

  2. Bounty hunting

  3. PvP, PvE combat in light to heavy fighters, bomber, EMP, tactical ships.

  4. Pilot and man turrets on the Polaris, Retaliator Bomber, Constellation Series, and Crucible (Can also take role of the repairing ships on Crucible).

The structure of Starfighter Division is comprised of

A SQUADRON consist of 2 WINGMEN, led by a Squadron Leader

A WING consist of 3 SQUADRON'S, led by a Wing Commander

A GROUP consist of 3 WINGS, led by a Lt. Colonel and Colonel

Starfighter Division led by Fleet Command