Every major patch coming this year, starting with 3.13 will have a Wingman's Log (Chapter of Lore). One of our members by the name of SpectreOfThrawn has taken the time to write out a very awesome Lore for the ORG, and we are going to present it to you all in chapters. As this will be an on-going lore piece to include our activities and what plays out during missions/events!

We hope you all enjoy this as much as we did!

The Preface -
The end of the Messer Era was not a pretty sight, it divided the military in half. One side trying to uphold the name they had been fighting under for centuries. The other, fighting for the lives the Messers had taken. The revolution left the new UEE vulnerable. Still trying to get up on its feet, the UEE reached out to PMC groups for help in their ongoing war against the Vanduul. Although many opposed the thought, the revolution left them in shambles and they had no other choice but to seek outside help.

Allowing outsiders into their ranks proved challenging, and things took a turn for the worst when the UEE realized they had a traitor on the inside. It was the PMC group known as the Invictus Intergalactic Federation who uncovered the revenge plot set against the UEE while on a personal escort mission for Starlord. With no time to bring the information to UEE officials, they apprehended the traitor themselves. In a turn of events Starlord and his crew put their lives on the line, many INVFED lives were lost but countless citizen lives were saved. Although they were pirates, the UEE and its citizens had newfound respect for the INVFED and other PMCs alike.

In recognition of their heroic acts, the UEE Navy offered Starlord and his crew positions within the military and a pardon to any past crimes associated with them. The INVFED turned down the offer to work for the UEE, but instead are working alongside them. Starlord struck a deal with the Imperator in his favor. The INVFED has full security clearance within UEE territory, but is still considered a PMC. While continuing to exist on their own and take on private contracts, along with military contracts from the UEE, as long as they do not favor pirate activity. This was the Imperators one request. From that moment forward the INVFED decided to use all the knowledge gained from their pirate activities for good.