This Division will ensure everything is always up and running and will support the economy of the org as support and logistics Division.

The main roles of this Division are:

  1. Earning money through cargo, mining, salvaging, etc.

  2. Provide crewman (engineering, shield management, logistics management, etc.) for big ships where specialized roles are needed like engineering, cargo management, loading and off-loading assets.

  3. Move assets, personnel, cargo, materials, vehicles, etc. around the verse (C2, M2 Hercules, Genesis Starliner)

  4. Refueling, repairing, and supporting big ships (including capital ships)

  5. Providing support by setting up a mobile repair/refuel/medical in the Endeavor

  6. Building bases with Pioneer in collaboration with Armored Corps ensuring maximum security

  7. Medical game-play

The structure of Operations Division is comprised of

A single CREW consist of 3 Privates, led by a Master Sergeant

A SQUAD consist of 2 CREW'S led by a Master Sergeant / Chief Master Sergeant

A PLATOON consist of 2 SQUAD'S led by a Chief Master Sergeant

A COMPANY consist of 3 PLATOON'S, led by Lt. Colonel and Colonel

Operations Division led by Fleet Command